Stardew Valley: All Cindersap Forest Hidden Areas Guide (2024)

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Stardew Valley allows players to take control of a farm and settle down in Pelican Town and build relationships with the villagers. As players settle down in the countryside and begin exploring the Valley and its beautiful surroundings, they’ll uncover many secrets and hidden areas carefully designed by developer ConcernedApe.

Situated southwest of Pelican Town is the Cindersap Forest, a lush and vibrant forest where you can gather wood or collect seasonal forageables, like Spring Onions. While plenty of villagers like Marnie and the Wizard reside there, it also serves as a great place to gather valuable resources like Hardwood. In addition, Cindersap Forest also holds a few delightful secrets for those who explore it thoroughly. Keep reading to learn about the mysteries of the Cindersap Forest and all of its hidden areas.


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The Secret Woods

Hidden deep in the northwestern corner of Cindersap Forest is an outdoor area called The Secret Woods. Here, you can collect mushrooms and other seasonable forageables, kill Slimes and grab Mahogany seeds, or even go fishing in the pond in the southwest area. The Secret Woods also contains an Old Master Cannoli statue. If you give the statue a Sweet Gem Berry, you’ll be rewarded with a Star Drop.

The Secret Woods is home to 6 Large Stumps that can be harvested daily, yielding a total of 12 Hardwood pieces. These respawn every day and are an efficient way to farm Hardwood. Four of these stumps can be found in the upper region of the woods, whereas the other two are located in a secondary hidden area. To get to these stumps, you’ll have to walk through the trees slightly southeast of the upper set of three stumps.

Unfortunately, you cannot enter the Secret Woods till you clear the Large Log at the entrance using a Steel or better-quality Axe. Once removed, this log will never reappear, ensuring you can freely access the Secret Woods as you please.

You can also obtain a Wall Basket, a unique furniture item, by fishing in the Secret Woods Pond. This item is not available in the Furniture Catalogue.

A Secret Fishing Spot

Stardew Valley: All Cindersap Forest Hidden Areas Guide (2)

Cindersap Forest is the best location to go fishing in Stardew Valley as it is the only map with different bodies of water. You can find several types of fish swimming in the river passing through the forest, the large pond in the northwest corner, and the waterfalls around the Abandoned House.

Apart from these, the Cindersap Forest has a secret fishing spot where you can obtain an Iridium Krobus statue. This spot is located at the southernmost point of Cindersap Forest, near the entrance to The Sewers.

To reach the ocean from this spot and cast your fishing line, you need a minimum of Fishing Level 15. While this seems impossible, you just need to play smart. Achieving level 15 is possible if you reach fishing level 10 and consume foods that give temporary Fishing buffs, like Seafoam Pudding. Once you reach level 15, you'll be able to fish at this secret spot instantly.


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While it’s not a regular occurrence, you can find a Pot Of Gold overflowing with gold coins hidden deep within the Cindersap Forest – with just a bit of luck. Once a year, on Spring 17, a Pot of Gold appears at the end of the rainbow near the waterfall around the Abandoned House. The Abandoned House can be found in the south region of the Cindersap Forest.

By interacting with the Pot of Gold, you will receive a Leprechaun Hat and Gold coins. You can do this repeatedly, with the amount of gold increasing every year you play the game. In Year 1, you’ll receive 200 gold coins, which will increase every year by 25 coins.

The Mysterious Trash Bear

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for at least three years, you can find the Trash Bear, a rather unique character, in Cindersap Forest.

On non-rainy days from Year 3 onwards, the Trash Bear will appear in the south area of the Cindersap Forest, next to the patch of Spring Onions, near the entrance to the Sewers. Interacting with him will display a dialogue bubble requesting a specific item. The requested items can be seasonal forageables, fish, or even cooked dishes.

Once you give the Trash Bear the desired item, clicking on him again will show another request. After fulfilling four of his requests, a cutscene will trigger in which the Trash Bear will play pan-pipes, fly up on an umbrella made of leaves, and clean up trash in unreachable areas. He replaces all the trash with different trees and bushes. The Trash Bear would even fly to Pelican Town and clean up the trash in Pam’s front yard.

Even though there is no time limit to fulfilling the Trash Bear’s requests, a seasonal request will change once the relative season is over.

Stardew Valley: All Cindersap Forest Hidden Areas Guide (4)
Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley: All Cindersap Forest Hidden Areas Guide (2024)


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