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Fishing in Stardew Valley is a relaxing pastime and a lucrative way to earn gold and complete bundles. But it’s not just about casting your line and hoping for the best. Here’s your guide to maximizing your fishing success in the valley.

Guide to Stardew Valley Fishing

Fishing Gear and Upgrades

Before you head to the water, ensure you’re equipped with the right gear:

  • Bamboo Rod: This is your starting rod, and it’s pretty basic. Upgrade as soon as you can.
  • Fiberglass Rod: An improvement over bamboo, allowing you to use bait and basic tackle.
  • Iridium Rod: The best rod in the game, enabling you to use any type of tackle for maximum fishing prowess.
  • Tackle: Experiment with different tackle like bobbers and spinners to customize your fishing experience.

Bait and Locations

Bait is essential for attracting specific fish and improving your chances of a successful catch. Here’s a basic breakdown:

BaitWhere to FindFish Attracted
Wild Bait (Bug Meat)Grass, dig spotsMost common fish
BaitPurchase from Willy’s Fish ShopMost common fish
No BaitNone neededSome specific fish types

Seasonal and Time-Specific Fish

Fish in Stardew Valley aren’t always available. Many are seasonal or only appear during certain times of day. Consult the in-game Collections menu or an online guide for a complete list of fish and their availability.

Tips for Successful Fishing

  • Timing and Location: Pay attention to the season, weather, and time of day. Some fish are only available under specific conditions.
  • Casting Distance: Aim for the edge of the ripples in the water when casting your line.
  • The Mini-Game: Mastering the fishing mini-game is crucial for landing those elusive catches. Practice makes perfect!
  • Upgrade Your Fishing Skill: Leveling up your fishing skill unlocks better tools and tackle.
  • Legendary Fish: Keep an eye out for rare and valuable legendary fish, each with its own unique challenge.

Basics of Fishing in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s fishing offers a relaxing way to earn money and fill the Community Center tanks. It’s a blend of skill and knowledge, where players cast their line for a diverse array of fish across various locations and seasons.

Fishing Mechanics

Fishing begins with a cast into water using the Use Tool button. The success of the catch hinges on a mini-game where one must keep a fish icon within a green bar until a progress bar fills up. Mastery of this mini-game is crucial, as it becomes more challenging with rarer fish.

Initial Equipment and Upgrades

Players start with a basic fishing pole, which can be upgraded to improve cast range and attach bait and tackle. Bait reduces the time before a fish bites, while tackle provides various benefits, such as slowing down the fish during the mini-game.

Fishing Locations

Stardew Valley is home to diverse fishing spots, including rivers, the ocean, lakes, and even the mines. Each location houses unique fish, with some only found in specific spots like Cindersap Forest or the Mountain Lake.

Fish Behavior and Rarity

Fish come in different types, with behaviors ranging from calm to erratic, affecting their difficulty to catch. Rarity divides fish into common, uncommon, rare, and legendary, with the latter only appearing under certain conditions and are a challenge to catch.

Seasons and Weather Influence

Fish availability changes with the seasons and weather conditions, such as rain increasing the chance to catch certain types. Knowing when and where to fish is essential for catching them all.

Fishing Professions

Upon reaching certain levels in fishing skill, players choose between two professions: Fisher or Trapper. Fisher increases the sale price of caught fish, while Trapper reduces the resources needed for crab pots.

Community Center Contributions

Fishing contributes to the Fish Tank bundles in the Community Center, helping to restore it. This includes fish from various seasons and locations as well as items from crab pots like clams or lobsters.

Crab Pot Fishing

Crab pots allow for passive fishing of shellfish, snails, and crabs, which can be used for cooking or completing the Community Center bundles. Bait is needed to lure creatures into these pots.

Fishing-Related Items and Equipment

Key items in the fishing experience include the recycling machine which turns trash caught during fishing into useful materials and the lead bobber which prevents fish from escaping while hooked. Upgrades and equipment are purchasable at Willy’s Fish Shop.

Comprehensive Fish Guide

Stardew Valley’s waters are teeming with a variety of fish, each with its own habitat and behavior. Mastering the art of fishing involves understanding the best times and places to cast your line, as well as knowing which bait to use.

Common and Coastal Fish

The coastal waters are home to fish like sardines and tuna, which can be caught in different seasons. Sardines appear in the spring and fall, and tuna are available in the summer and winter. Rains often bring out unique fish such as eels.

  • Sardine: Spring, Fall
  • Tuna: Summer, Winter
  • Eel: Rainy evenings

River and Lake Dwellers

Freshwater bodies host species such as bream, largemouth bass, and rainbow trout. Fish like the bream are easier to catch at night, while others have a preference for rainy weather, such as catfish.

  • Bream: River, after 6 PM
  • Largemouth Bass: Mountain Lake
  • Rainbow Trout: River, Summer

Rare and Legendary Catches

Legendary fish like the Crimsonfish and Glacierfish offer a real challenge. They require higher fishing skill and specific circ*mstances to catch. Often, they’re limited by season and are located in hidden spots.

  • Crimsonfish: Summer, East Pier on a sunny day
  • Glacierfish: Winter, south of Arrowhead Island

Fish Found in Mines

Mines hold exotic species such as Ghostfish and Lava Eel. These fish require patience and skill to catch, often amidst the dangers lurking in the mines.

  • Ghostfish: Levels 20, 60 in the mines
  • Lava Eel: Level 100+ in the mines

Specialized Fishing Areas

Certain fish like Woodskip and Sandfish are found only in specialized locations, like the Secret Woods and the Desert, respectively. These areas often require additional access efforts, such as repairing the bus or finding the secret note.

  • Woodskip: Found in the Secret Woods pond
  • Sandfish: Located in the Desert

Night Fishing Targets

Some fish, such as Walleye, Midnight Carp, and Squid, prefer the cover of darkness. Night fishing can be productive, especially when the conditions are just right, like on rainy evenings.

  • Walleye: Found when raining in Fall
  • Midnight Carp: Found in any weather during Fall and Winter, starting from 10 PM
  • Squid: Caught from the ocean during Winter evenings

Fish Ponds

Fish Ponds are a great resource for raising fish like sturgeon and sea cucumber. By adding fish to these ponds, players can harvest resources over time, and sometimes fish will multiply, offering a steady supply of that type of fish.

  • Sturgeon: Can be placed in a Fish Pond to produce roe and caviar.
  • Sea Cucumber: Can be raised in Fish Ponds for various recipes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stardew Valley’s fishing feature is filled with intricacies, from seasonal catches to utilizing different fishing rods. This section aims to clear up common confusion, offering straightforward answers to the most pressing queries.

How can I complete the Fish Collection in Stardew Valley?

Completing the Fish Collection requires a strategic approach, as certain fish are only available in specific seasons, weather conditions, or times of day. Players must also consider the location, as fish vary between the ocean, rivers, and lakes. A high fishing skill level and upgraded equipment will aid in catching rarer species.

Which fish are available to catch in each season?

Every season switches up the fish you can catch. During spring, look for Catfish in the rain or Shad in rivers. Summer’s sun brings Tilapia in the ocean and Sturgeon in the mountain lake. When leaves fall in autumn, seek out Walleye when it rains. The cold of winter is prime time for catching Perch in freshwater. Keep an eye on the weather and time, as they greatly influence your fishing haul.

What are the benefits of using a fish pond and how does it work?

A fish pond serves as a farm building that players can use to raise fish. It offers benefits like producing roe, which can be turned into aged roe or caviar, and occasionally providing other useful materials. To use it, simply add fish into your pond and let them multiply over time, making sure to fulfill their occasional requests to increase their population.

Can you provide a guide to completing the Fishing Bundle at the Community Center?

The Fishing Bundle at the Community Center requires an assortment of fish that players must collect and deposit. There are different bundles covering river fish, ocean fish, and night fishing, among others. Catching these specified fish and completing the bundles will yield rewards and help restore the Community Center.

What is required to catch all the legendary fish in Stardew Valley?

Catching all legendary fish in Stardew Valley is a difficult task that requires a high fishing skill (level 10 recommended), the right tackle, and a bit of patience. Each legendary fish has a specific season and weather condition in which it can be caught. They also have unique locations, like the glacier fish found in the southern tip of Arrowhead Island in winter.

What are the differences between the fishing rods, and which one should I use?

There are three main types of fishing rods in Stardew Valley: the Bamboo Pole, the Fiberglass Rod, and the Iridium Rod. Beginners start with the Bamboo Pole, while the Fiberglass Rod allows for the use of bait to attract fish. The Iridium Rod is the most advanced, enabling both bait and tackle attachments for an optimized fishing experience. Choose according to your level and the fish you aim to catch.

Stardew Valley: Fish Guide - GadgetMates (2024)


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