#TryThis: Ordering a Publix Deli Holiday Dinner for the holidays (2024)

Here’s the thing: The holidays are in full swing – Christmas is in only 14 days. If you’re still having Kitchen Nightmares (get out of here, Alton Brown) over Thanksgiving meal blunders, like Uncle Al’s semi-frozen turkey or Cousin Margo’s questionable cranberry surprise, or you found yourself wanting to order pizza during a holiday family Zoom call – not to fret. We’ve concocted the perfect recipe for a successful holiday dinner. The best part? You barely have to lift a finger. 😌

Your new (and improved) go-to holiday meal recipe:

Step 1: Put the roasting pan away + pick up your phone or go to your computer instead.

Step 2: Order a holiday dinner from Publix and then pick it up from your Publix Deli.

Step 3: Flip a coin with your spouse to decide on who gets the creamier side of the macaroni + then chow down on your share of the meal until your heart’s content (and your belly’s full).

Our proof of deeming this recipe a winner is in the pudding – literally. Here’s what we experienced when ordering a holiday dinner from Publix and why you should #TryThis.

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Ordering a Publix Deli holiday dinner in Lakeland, FL

What we tried (with pricing):

This year I (Kaylee here 👋) decided to stow away my apron, and instead, ordered a Publix holiday dinner (this one feeds 7-10 people for only $50), over Thanksgiving. The kit included a fully-cooked Butterball turkey, homestyle mashed potatoes, old-fashioned stuffing, Publix gravy, marshmallow delight, and cranberry-orange relish.

Oh, and everything came with simple instructions for reheating and servingall of which took about ~1 hour to do.

The ease of simply ordering a dinner that you know everyone will love is such a stress-reliever – and who couldn’t use that during the holidays, in 2020? From start to finish to leftovers (because yes, there’s enough food to where you’ll have leftovers), the entire process of ordering to eating is so simple, both for you and the cleanliness of your kitchen.


What not to miss:

Perusing your Publix for other homemade goodies to take home. Because we just couldn’t resist...we also added on a side macaroni and cheese, a brie + fruit platter, another side of mashed potatoes, and a GreenWise sweet potato pie. We highly recommend the macaroni and cheese + the sweet potato pie (pumpkin, who?) 🥧

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Also, stay on the lookout for Publix’s famous BOGO wine specials 🥂 to pair your dishes off right.

What we’re still talking about:

If we’re being honest, we haven’t stopped talking about this experience – and could probably write poetry about it (“Publix Gravy, oh my Gravy”), but we’ll save you from our bad iambic pentameter + just give you the highlights:

  • Price: Okay...so did we mention the price for this meal is $50, and the meal can feed up to 10 people? This is price-equivalent to a DIY Thanksgiving, according to American Farm Bureau Federation.
  • Taste: We pinky-promise no one will know that this meal isn’t homemade, minus those you share with. Everything is fresh, delicious, + shareable, and the instructions for reheating are so, so simple.
  • The conversation: We couldn’t stop talking about this experience, and that included at the dinner table while we inhaled the meal. From joking about Kaylee’s brother-in-law’s “expert turkey carving skills” to her toddler niece’s reaction to trying cranberry sauce for the first time, the meal created a whole new set of memories, without any of the cleanup or other-holiday stress that it would normally take to cook a whole meal.
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How you can experience this:

To give your taste buds a trip they’ll remember forever, go to Publix.com + choose the holiday dinner that suits you best. These options include holiday dinners (with ham + turkey options), decadent desserts, deli platters + more. 😋

After you’ve picked your meal kit, add it to your shopping list and grab all the other goodies you know you’ll need (like whipped cream for your pie).

Next, proceed to checkout, where you’ll be given an option to pay either at the store or ahead of time.

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Finally, schedule your pick up time and store location.

#ProTip: Make sure to order ahead of time (about 48 hours in advance) so that you can ensure your pick-up goes smoothly.

Things to know if you go:

#TryThis: Ordering a Publix Deli Holiday Dinner for the holidays (2024)


How much does Publix charge for Thanksgiving dinner? ›

How much do meals cost? A turkey dinner bundle for 2-4 people costs $39.99, a dinner bundle for 7-10 people costs $64.99 or $69.99, depending on whether you get the one with a Butterball turkey or, and a dinner bundle for 14-18 people costs $124.99, according to Publix.

Does Publix do a Christmas dinner? ›

Holiday Meals: Christmas Dinner, Christmas Eve, Lunch Dishes, and More | Publix Super Markets.

Does Publix have precooked turkeys? ›

Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner Serves 7 10, Heating Required (each) Delivery or Pickup Near Me - Instacart.

How much does Thanksgiving dinner really cost? ›

Average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner in the U.S. 1990-2023. 2023 saw the average price for a Thanksgiving dinner decline to 61.17 U.S. dollars. In 2022, the average price for a complete Thanksgiving feast in the United States (U.S.) amounted to 64.05 U.S. dollars.

How much is a whole food turkey dinner? ›

Classic Roast Whole Turkey Meal for 4 – Turkey with gravy, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper Green Beans, Cream Mashed Potatoes, Traditional Herb Stuffing and Cranberry Orange Sauce - $99.99 (equal to $25 per person.)

Does Walmart make Christmas dinners? ›

CHEF PREPARED GOURMET HOLIDAY MEAL INCLUDES: Gourmet Roasted Whole Turkey (10-12 LBS), Mouthwatering Turkey Gravy , Traditional Stuffing, Delicious Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, Crispy Green Beans, Unbelievable Cranberry Sauce, and out of this world Pecan Pie.

What 6 items is Publix limiting? ›

Ahead of Christmas Eve and the New Year, additional items have been added to the existing list of products. Customers will now have to be mindful when buying coconut flakes, dairy whipping cream, half and half creamers, frozen pie shells, frozen hash browns, and canola, vegetable, and corn oils.

Does Publix have a Thanksgiving sub? ›

The price for this product is set by the individual retailers and varies among them. Each retailer has a pricing policy that can be found on that retailer's page.

What is the ultimate sub at Publix? ›


Ham, turkey, top round roast beef, and Swiss cheese on your choice of multi-grain, white or whole wheat Publix Bakery sub roll. Finished with your choice of delicious veggie toppings.

Does Publix cook Christmas dinners? ›

Order one of our holiday meals like the Boar's Head® Sweet Slice® Ham Dinner. It comes fully cooked and complete with sides.

How do you reheat Publix fully cooked turkey? ›

To reheat, preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Keeping the turkey in the roasting pan, pour a bit of stock (chicken, turkey, or veggie stock or broth will work) over the meat to moisten it. Cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes to an hour, or until the turkey is warmed through.

Does Publix have cooked ham? ›

Publix Deli Cooked Ham, Presliced | Publix Super Markets. Publix Super Markets Inc.

Does Publix pay for Thanksgiving holidays? ›

Eligible full-time associates receive an additional 8 hours of holiday pay at their pay rate in addition to the hourly premium. Publix Paid holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Is it cheaper to eat out for Thanksgiving? ›

Dining out is more expensive this year compared with last year. Despite those rising costs, the fact that Thanksgiving's main course is more affordable means that 2023 may be the year to cook at home. That's opposite of 2022, when many economists said consumers may actually have saved money by going to a restaurant.

Does Winn Dixie do Thanksgiving dinner? ›

Our complete Thanksgiving dinner features 1/2 bone-in turkey breast, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, herbed stuffing, buttered green beans, cranberry sauce, and turkey gravy.


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