The 15 Best Places for Sub Sandwiches in Amsterdam (2024)

1.Singel 404


Singel 404, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Sandwich Spot 路 Grachtengordel-West 路 140 tips and reviews

Aleva:It you're really hungry take the Club Sandwich!

John Zarikos:Lunch special with club sandwich is the best deal, if you are hungry 馃槈

SAAD:The club sandwiches over here are fresh & tasty! Highly recommended 馃憣馃徏



Prinsenstraat 2, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Sandwich Spot 路 Grachtengordel-West 路 15 tips and reviews

Tessa Colauto:Get the Club Sandwich with avocado.

Claudia:best club sandwich! and their fruit juices are great : )

Lisanne Mom:The best Chicken Club Sandwiches!!!

3.De Drie Graefjes


Eggertstraat 1, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Sandwich Spot 路 Kuip 路 84 tips and reviews

Eric K:Try the American Club Sandwich, real good! Cupcakes are also very fine. On a sunny day, pick a table outside and enjoy a quiet part of the old city centre!

Ben B:American club sandwich is awesome!

Elle Dorner:Sweet little place right in the center of Amsterdam, where you can eat delicious sandwiches (the club sandwiches are the best!) and huge yummi cakes!



Bosboom Toussaintstraat 60, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot 路 Helmersbuurt 路 128 tips and reviews

Jeremy Knight:Get the Philly Steak Sandwich. Don't think, just do it.

Jani Viskari:My choice was mimosa, philly steak and egg benedic. And it was goood! :) Check this out if you are in the hoods :)

Oana Cazan:Friendly staff, but not so great food. The club sandwich didn't taste fresh and the fried egg was uncoocked


Singel 447 (Amsterdam), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Sandwich Spot 路 Kuip 路 33 tips and reviews

marjolijn kamphuis:Club sandwich with wild salmon & avocado combined with a homemade smoothie ftw!

Matthijs Goes:Both club sandwiches (chicken or salmon) come highly recommended

Brady Talbot:Great sandwiches at decent prices. Try the club sandwich.

6.Caf茅 Brasserie Meuwese


Rokin 119-121, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Bistro 路 Amsterdam Centrum 路 31 tips and reviews

Ilan Peer:Great club sandwiches and apple pie.

Daniela Aburto:Nice cafe. Well located. Great Club Sandwich!

Emily Agro:Sat down for a beer and snack platter! It was delicious and a fair price. The service was very friendly as well.

7.Caf茅 Maxwell


Beukenplein 27, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Pub 路 Oosterparkbuurt 路 54 tips and reviews

Iain-Peter Camacho:Gotta love the club sandwich!

Morgana S谩 Maia:The club sandwich is great!

Arnold:Take the Mixwell a great and delicious tapas dish. It's perfect for two people and it's even good as a main course!

8.Eetcaf茅 De Toog


Zuideinde 50, Koog aan de Zaan, Noord-Holland

Gastropub 路 16 tips and reviews

Ji艡铆 Vla拧imsk媒:Great Club sandwiches

Ershad A:The omelettes and the sandwiches were perfect, so delicious. but the coffee in this glass was kinda strange , a new experience :)))

H眉lya Ak:Cozy and delish!



Kleine Gartman-Plantsoen 7-9, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Restaurant 路 Kuip 路 60 tips and reviews

Gijs Van den Broek:Chicken Club Sandwich is great! Best times to go are Friday's & Saturday nights which are good for pre-clubbing drinks.

Denis Doeland:Club Sandwich is fantastic

Jeroen V.:Best club sandwich in town, hands down!



Scheldestraat 92, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot 路 Scheldebuurt 路 28 tips and reviews

Jesse Long:I recommend the club sandwich met zalm.

Maria Lambert:Great coffee, fantastic club sandwiches, and definitely have the fresh squeezed orange juice. Free wifi if you ask!

Vienna B.:Don't order the Chai Latte. It's just warm milk with an chai tea bag in it. The two aren't infused so you're basically having a expensive milk. The shakes are a better option.

11.Studio 2


Singel 504, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot 路 Grachtengordel-Zuid 路 24 tips and reviews

Ar谋l Bozoluk:Club sandwich tastes good but small

Senem Dedeoglu:The chicken club sandwich and the poffertjes are the best

jeffrey arnold:Surprising pancake hit! Best savory pancake (ham/cheese/onion) and best Poffertjes of the trip!

12.30ML Coffee roasters


Van Noordtstraat 26 (Spaardammerstraat), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Coffee Shop 路 Spaarndammer en Zeeheldenbuurt 路 9 tips and reviews

Corine Schmal:Great coffee menu; always 2 origins on the grinder to choose from. Friendly baristas. Nice selection of cakes and pastries.

Oli Isaacs:I bought beans here and was impressed by the unusual and good selection of single origin coffees. The espresso I had was also spot on (a Guatemalan).

Arnoud Aalbersberg:We have moved! Now at van Noordstraat 26, 1013 SM Amsterdam! With more seating and terrace for coffee/sun combo!

13.Greenwoods Keizersgracht


Keizersgracht 465 (Leidsestraat), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Breakfast Spot 路 Grachtengordel-Zuid 路 235 tips and reviews

Ahmed El-Gamal:bloody mary + club sandwich is always a good idea

Nos Kushina:Scones!!! Love it. Club sandwich

Najla Al:The pancakes were ok, the club sandwich wasn鈥檛 so good. Overall it鈥檚 below average

14.Bar Restaurant 1900


Hogeweg 48, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

French Restaurant 路 Middenmeer 路 26 tips and reviews

Cecilia:Anoter vote for the delicious veggie club sandwich! Free wifi.

Nicola Masella:We went quite late but the service let us dine. The food was good and the place romantic. @italian people, the expresso was delicious!

Juha van 't Zelfde:Hang out on Sunday morning and enjoy one of Amsterdam's most calm off-the-radar squares.



Prinsengracht 587 (Andaz Amsterdam Hotel), Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Restaurant 路 Grachtengordel-West 路 27 tips and reviews

Jonathan Tashima:The bar menu served off the lobby has an amazing Club Sandwich.

Tom M:A bloody good club sandwich which is very rare in Amsterdam

Mariya Donat:Try the Family menu! Food and service experience at its best!

The 15 Best Places for Sub Sandwiches in Amsterdam (2024)


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