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Did you know there are over 38 million unique sandwich combinations you can create at Subway? This endless supply of options is one thing that has made Subway one of the world's most beloved fast food destinations. With their recent addition of Subway breakfast subs to their menu at many of their locations, there are even more possibilities to enjoy fresh, fast food!

Here I will give you a look at the Subway breakfast menu and what Subway breakfast might be best for you!

1. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

Subway Breakfast Menu (2024) - (1)Image supplied by the Subway Breakfast Menu. More information.

A classic, for sure! Start your day off right with this hearty supply of protein. A 6 inch sub (with the regular flatbread and no added veggies) can get you a full 25 grams of protein. Not to mention a low sugar intake of 4 grams. With the regular flatbread and no added veggies, you can have a robust breakfast like this Subway breakfast sub for only 450 calories (even less- 420- with egg whites!). You'll be getting 20 grams of healthy fats (no trans fats), 190 milligrams of cholesterol, 1190 milligrams of sodium, and 45 grams of carbs. Not to mention all the necessary vitamins you will be supplying your body with! On the regular 6 inch flatbread sub with no additional toppings, you will hit 20 percent of your daily value in Vitamin A, 6 percent of your daily value in Vitamin C, 10 percent of your daily value in calcium, and 15 percent of your daily value in Iron! You can up any of these nutrition values by switching to a more filling type of bread, a more flavorful cheese, adding a variety of veggies, and splashing some savory sauce on top. In summary, the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sub off the Subway breakfast menu would be a great source of protein for the start of your day.

2. Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheese.

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This is a savory Subway breakfast sub that will give you a bit of a larger serving for a bit less of the bulk, when compared to the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese sub. A 6 inch sub (with the regular flatbread and no added veggies) comes in at only 410 calories, and you can get that calorie count even lower with the egg white option the Subway breakfast menu provides! This Subway breakfast sandwich also comes in with a low sugar count of 4 grams per serving, and no trans fat! The total fat consumed will be 16 grams, cholesterol content is 185 milligrams, and sodium content hits 1180 milligrams. Carbs add up to 45 grams, and your protein count stays high at 24 grams per serving. Like the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese option, though, these values are without any added veggies, a change of bread choice, or savory sauces. Without all the extras, you will get 20 percent of your daily value in Vitamin A, 10 percent of your daily value in Calcium, and 15 percent of your daily value in iron. Once again, you can up these percentages just by adding more flavor to your Subway breakfast sandwich with a different bread choice, added veggies, or flavorful sauces. Not to mention you can easily make your sub a footlong and double the nutritional value you see you here!

3. Steak, Egg, and Cheese

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For those looking for a more deluxe, savory option, the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Subway breakfast sub is the one for you. The real protein champion of it's peers, the Steak, Egg and Cheese Subway breakfast sub (6 inch with the regular flatbread and no added veggies) will give you a powerful punch of 28 proteins to start your day. In fact, most of the nutritional items in this Subway breakfast sub are higher in content! Your serving size is about 40 grams higher than the Bacon, Egg and Cheese sub and the Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheese sub, at approximately 226 grams on the serving. Thankfully, you can get more meat for about the same calories- the Steak, Egg, and Cheese Subway breakfast sub gives you 450 calories. The total fat content weighs in at 18 grams (and no trans fat), cholesterol content is 195 milligrams, sodium content is 1260 milligrams, and carbs come in at 46 grams, only 4 grams of that being sugar. You will also still see 20 percent of your Vitamin A daily value, 10 percent of your Calcium daily value, and a whopping 20 percent of your Iron daily value satisfied. It looks like this is the sub off the Subway breakfast menu that could be right for all the athletes out there! This sub can pack some power into a hearty breakfast meal, especially when you add veggies, change the bread choice, or flavor it with your favorite delicious sauce.

4. Egg and Cheese

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For those of us with a little bit less of an appetite in the mornings, this Subway breakfast sub can be a great, less filling option. Depending on how you choose your options on the sub, it can also be a great vegetarian option. While containing less content per serving, it still holds strong nutritional value. On this Subway breakfast sub, you will only see 380 calories, 15 grams of fat (no trans fat), 170 milligrams of cholesterol, 940 milligrams of sodium, 44 grams of carbs (only 4 grams of sugar), and a still strong 19 grams of protein. As you can see, this could be a great heart-healthy option off the Subway breakfast menu for many people watching their sodium and cholesterol intake! You will also get at least 20 percent of your daily value in Vitamin A, 10 percent of your daily value in Calcium, and 15 percent of your daily value in Iron, without any additional options on your sandwich. This is great basic option off the Subway breakfast menu to get the guaranteed nutrition you want, and you can easily add more nutrition to your sub based on a different bread choice, added veggies, or savory sauces.

So, what'll it be for you off the Subway breakfast menu? Will you stick with the classic Bacon, Egg and Cheese sub? Maybe you're looking for a leaner, yet tasty option in the Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheese sub? Or maybe you are looking to load up on all those nutrients, especially protein, and will stick with the Steak, Egg, and Cheese sub. Perhaps you have less of an appetite and will always prefer the simple Egg and Cheese sub! No matter your choice, there is an option for you off the Subway breakfast menu.

All images sourced and credited to the Official Subway website. You can find these images here

Subway Breakfast Menu (2024) - (2024)


Why did Subway get rid of breakfast? ›

With US unemployment at a 17-year low, restaurants are struggling to hire and retain workers. According to Bloomberg, difficulty finding employees to work early hours is yet another complication that helped persuade Subway to change its breakfast policies.

Can you order Subway breakfast? ›

With a range of sides that includes some hot options, drinks and breakfast items, any time is a good time to order Subway in the UK.

What has happened to the Subway menu? ›

Today, Subway has announced the first update to its game changing Subway Series menu since its debut in July 2022. This includes double cheese, two brand new sandwiches and new twists on four fan favorites from Subway's culinary team.

What is the bread at Subway in 2024? ›

Press Releases. MIAMI, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Subway's latest menu refresh is here to satisfy both sweet and spicy cravings, headlined by the return of Honey Oat Bread and Creamy Sriracha sauce to restaurants nationwide.

Does Subway have rotisserie chicken in 2024? ›

6. Rotisserie-Style Chicken. Another sandwich that you have to check out in your search for the healthiest items at Subway is the rotisserie-style chicken. You'd be surprised to learn that this sandwich is much healthier compared to its grilled chicken counterpart.

What does BMT stand for? ›

In internet slang, BMT is an acronym for biting my tongue. In other places, such as Twitter, BMT often refers to Bone Marrow Transplant. It also stands for Basic Military Training.

When did Subway introduce breakfast? ›

Somewhat surprisingly for a fast food restaurant chain that started in the United States, Subway's breakfast first launched in Canada in March 2010 before being sold at more than 25,000 U.S. stores beginning in April 2010. It wasn't long before all of the locations in the U.S. were required to serve it.

What is included in a subway Meal Deal? ›

Buy any Sub or Salad and for £1.60 get a drink and a treat or a snack. The price of the Sub will be adjusted to a Meal Deal when you select the option whilst customising your Sub or Salad.

What is the new meat called at Subway? ›

The Titan Turkey and Grand Slam Ham feature 33% more meat than traditional subs, and the Beast boasts a half pound of meat.

What was the Subway scandal? ›

Jared Scott Fogle (/ˈfoʊɡəl/; born August 23, 1977) is an American former spokesman for Subway restaurants. Fogle appeared in Subway's advertising campaigns from 2000 to 2015 until an FBI investigation led to him being convicted of child sex tourism and possessing child p*rnography. Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.

What is the big change at Subway? ›

Press Releases. MIAMI (July 5, 2023) -- Subway announces the arrival of freshly sliced meats in U.S. restaurants – its latest and biggest change since the brand began its efforts to improve every aspect of the guest experience, headlined by a better menu, which began in 2021.

What did Subway change recently? ›

2024 may be the most exciting chapter yet in our growth story." Subway's new menu revamp comes after it debuted “freshly sliced meats” in its U.S. restaurants in July last year, where it introduced four new deli-style sandwiches which include: Titan Turkey, Grand Slam Ham, Garlic Roast Beef and The Beast.

What is the newest Subway line in NYC? ›

The first phase of this new line, with three new stations on Manhattan's Upper East Side, opened on January 1, 2017. The full Second Avenue Line (if it will be funded) will be built in three more phases to eventually connect Harlem–125th Street in East Harlem to Hanover Square in Lower Manhattan.

What are the new dippers at Subway? ›

The Footlong Sidekicks range, available from 5th June in Subway restaurants nationwide include the Footlong Cookie, Churro, and Dippers which come in three flavours: Turkey and Cheese, Pepperoni and Cheese or Triple Cheese.


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