Real Vs Fake Crystals: How To Tell If A Crystal Is Real (2024)

Since gemstone therapy is rising, we are spotting more fake crystals on the market. Unfortunately, things get worse for those new to the crystals collection. And nothing can be more disheartening than spending your hard-earned money on a synthetic crystal.

So, if you are wonderinghow to tell if a crystal is realwe’ve got you covered. We will help you differentiate between a real and fake crystal, like a pro, without any technical and extravagant scientific details.

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How to Tell if a Crystal is Real?

Strange names

Gemstone dealers often use weird names to conceal the identity of their crystals. They also do it to make it look more genuine and natural. For instance, if you come across terms like melon moonstone or aqua aura quartz, it is fake. Suchfake crystalsare usually made from glass and dyed with artificial colors.

Saturated colors

A super bright crystal with beautiful color pop is a sure-shot sign of its fakeness. In other words, if the crystal looks unnaturally fuschia pink or bright lemon yellow, then the chances of it being fake are high.

Perfectly symmetrical patterns

A natural gemstone will always have imperfect patterns in it. It is due to the natural chemical composition of the crystal. So, if you come across a gem with perfectly symmetrical patterns, it is 100% fake.

Know your retailer

What happens when you walk into a gemstone showroom and notice the retailer giving vague answers to all your questions? It could be a strong sign that he is not selling genuine gemstones.

Glassy look and feel

Real crystals have hydrothermal veins, crisscross fractures, or any other type of inclusions. If you don’t spot any such signs, the chances of the crystal being fake are very high here.

Air bubbles

Another method to tell if a crystal is real or not, is to check the presence of air bubbles.According to the experts, a genuine crystal will have scratches, small particles, or cracks. But, it will never have air bubbles in it. Their presence proves that the crystal is made of glass and was treated to look like a gemstone.

Moh’s hardness scale

How to tell if a rose quartz crystal is real? The best way to determine it is through Moh’s hardness scale range. A real rose quartz ranks around seven on the Mohs scale of hardness. Anything below that is a fake crystal.

Extremely low prices

Gemstones that are offered at extremely low prices are often fake. So,how to tell if a crystal is real or nothere? Well, you can check the prices of these gemstones at multiple retailers to understand the current price range, quality, and size.

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How to Tell if a Crystal is Fake?

Dyed Crystals

Dyed gemstones are natural minerals that have been dyed for visual enhancement. So,how to tell if a crystal is fake?If you find a color buildup in the cracks of the crystal, then understand that it is dyed and fake.

Manufactured Crystals

Manufactured gemstones are artificial crystals that are mass-produced from synthetic materials. A manufactured crystal will also be relatively lighter than a real one because of the absence of natural metals and inclusions. Connect with an expert to understandhow to tell if a clear crystal is realor not.

Synthetic Crystals

Synthetic crystals are artificially manufactured in a laboratory from inorganic substances. Are you planning to buy a quartz crystal this year? If yes, make sure you know

how to tell if a quartz crystal is realor fake to get the best deal.


Gemstones like amethyst and citrine are exposed to high temperatures to alter their color and enhance clarity. However, please note that these are not considered to be fake.

Vapor deposition/ Aura Quartz

Vapor deposition is a high-tech procedure performed to enhance the appearance of quarts and topaz. In addition, it gives a metallic sheen to the crystal. Consider consulting an expert to understandhow to test if crystals are real.

Irradiated Crystals

Crystal irradiation is when a stone is artificially brightened to boost its optical properties. However, the irradiated colors tend to fade over a period of sunlight exposure. Retailers who sell fake gemstones use this process.

Reconstituted Crystals

It is called reconstituted crystals when the pieces and bits of natural gemstones are joined together to create new shapes and colors. Clear Quartz, orgonite, and crystal singing bowls are some of these crystals. Please note that a constant steady hue signifies a fake reconstituted crystal.

Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are rounded, small, and brightly polished pieces of minerals and rocks. Rough rock pieces are placed in the machine and are rubbed until their surfaces and edges are polished and smoothened.How to tell if a tumbled crystal is realor fake? A real tumbled stone will never have air bubbles and artificial hues.

Top 5 Most Common Fake Crystals to Lookout

Clear Quartz

It is one of the most common crystals that often come out fake. So,how to tell if a crystal is real or fake?You see, real clear quartz comes with density imperfections inside. But, it will also never have air bubbles and perfectly symmetrical patterns.


A real amethyst is never consistently colored; neither bright purple nor uniform purple. Sohow to tell if an amethyst crystal is realor not? It would be best if you got in touch with an experienced gemologist to know more about it.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky or natural quartz can come in various appearances. So,how to tell if crystals are realor not? Well, any smoky quartz crystal that is transparent to dark brown or grey with lesser inclusions is real.


Natural citrine gemstones are very rare. Therefore, the chances of getting a heat-treated one are quite high here. So,how to tell if a crystal stone is real?A real crystal will come with a lemon-yellow shade.


You would be surprised to know that most of the turquoise crystals in the market are dyed Howlite. It is a fake turquoise, and you should always invest inreal crystals.What is the sure-shot sign of a fake turquoise? A fake one will have variations of a blue hue instead of a solid color.

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So, this was all abouthow to tell if a crystal is real.The best way to check if the crystal is real or fake is by checking its inclusions and color shades. Moreover, we recommend you consult an expert to understand more about it.

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Real Vs Fake Crystals: How To Tell If A Crystal Is Real (2024)


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