Post Office scandal's Angela van den Bogerd and where she is now (2024)

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Hundreds of innocent sub-postmasters and postmistresses were prosecuted in what's been described as ‘the greatest miscarriage of justice in British legal history'.

By Mieka Smiles, News Reporter

The Post Office scandal which saw innocent sub-postmasters and postmistresses lose their jobs, prosecuted and even jailed was described as “the greatest miscarriage of justice in British legal history”.

Now the case has once again gripped the nation as it’s depicted in a new ITV four part series that hit screens on New Year’s Day. Mr Bates vs The Post Office is based on real-life events that occurred from 1999-2015 and shows how hundreds of innocent sub-postmasters and postmistresses in the UK were prosecuted for false accounting and theft.

Many employees lost their jobs, some were sent to prison and four people even took their own lives after cash started vanishing from Post Office tills across the nation. But what had actually caused the accounting anomalies was a faulty computer system named Horizon.

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Post Office scandal's Angela van den Bogerd and where she is now (2)

Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly plays Angela van den Bogerd in the ITV drama (Image: ITV)

Who isAngela van den Bogerd?

Angela van den Bogerd is certainly not a name familiar to many - perhaps until her portrayal by Coronation Street star Katherine Kelly in the series. But who is she and what was her part in the scandal?

Van der Borgen graduated from the University of Glamorgan with a Masters of Business Administration in 2002, reports the Mirror.

She had a 33-year career at the Post Office, where she held a number of roles - including Network Change Operations Manager, Head of Network Services, Head of Partnerships, Director of Support Services and People and Change Director. Her last appointment there was in 2018 as Business Improvement Director.

Angela had been handling complaints about the computer system since 2010 and had sat on a working group to deal with scandal since 2014.

When the case hit the High Courts in 2019 Judge Peter Fraser blasted Van der Borgen saying there were two matters where she “did not give me frank evidence, and sought to obfuscate matters, and mislead me”.

Van den Bogerd stepped down from her role at the Post Office and the next year was appointed Head of People at the Football Association of Wales (FAW).

Welsh MP and member of the Senedd Jack Sargeant was angered by the appointment and said in a letter to FAW CEO Jonathan Ford: "The judge’s comments and the considerations of the victims of the scandal across Wales and the UK should be at the forefront of your mind.”


    Post Office scandal's Angela van den Bogerd and where she is now (3)

    Angela van den Bogerd worked at Post Office Limited for 33 years (Image: media wales)

    Where isAngela van den Bogerd now?

    Van den Bogerd her position at the Post Office in March 2021, just months after her appointment. She described herself as an “accomplished” HR senior leader but has not been appointed in any other roles since, according to her LinkedIn profile.

    David Enright, partner at Howe & Co solicitors, who represented the Justice For Sub-postmasters Alliance (JFSA) campaign group at the time said: "There can be no further delay or obfuscation on the part of the government regarding the Post Office scandal.

    "The prime minister described it as the greatest miscarriage of justice in British legal history. My clients must have truth, accountability, and full reparations. They look to the prime minister to translate his words into deeds."

    Van den Bogerd appeared before the official Post Office inquiry on April 25, 2024, to answer questions about her role in the Horizon scandal.

    During her appearance, she said she was "truly sorry" for any "devastation" caused by the saga. She also denied any attempts to "cover up" issues with the Horizon system.

    But she also admitted that investigations into the computer system should have started 20 years ago.

    Who isAngela van den Bogerd?

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    Post Office scandal's Angela van den Bogerd and where she is now (2024)


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