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With BenefitHub's Discount Marketplace, you can get access to the world’s largest selection of global and national brands as well as local deals across 15 countries.

We have over 300,000 vendors offering corporate employee discounts - covering national discounts, and local deals, hotel & travel perks, insurance, and much more.

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Exclusive Discounts,
Negotiated Especially For You

Negotiated by our team of corporate employee discount experts, all discounts are better than what is available to the general public. You can browse deals, search by brand or category, or discover curated & personalized discounts relevant to your interests, including:


Food & Dining

Top Brands


Local Deals




World’s Most Comprehensive Savings Marketplace


Insurers and Benefits


National Discount




Hotels and Travel

7 Million

Event Tickets at Over
18,000 Venues

Additional Categories in the Employee Discount Program Marketplace

Apparel & Accessories

Beauty & Fragrance

Education & Virtual Learning



Flowers & Gifts

Insurance & Protection



Our Discount Marketplace
is for Everybody!

If you’re looking to offer your people - including employees, members and customers - exciting new benefits beyond the standard, our discount marketplace is a great fit.

We’ve had amazing success with employees, associations & non-profits, membership bodies & the public section, unions, universities, hospitals and so on. Our discount marketplace is currently offered in 15 countries across the globe, and we’re expanding, every day!

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Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (4)

How much can I save with BenefitHub?

An average US household earning $67,521* and can spend $28,160 through BenefitHub, saving $5,328. That’s like a 7.9% raise! You can save even more based on your income, lifestyle and choices.

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Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (6)

Features of BenefitHub’s Employee Discount Marketplace

Scalable Solution User-Friendly Site Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (7)

Help Your Employees Save $5,328/year

See why dozens of Fortune 500 companies create their own employee discount programs using the world over use BenefitHub

Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (8)

What makes us the world’s leading Employee Discount Marketplace

Exclusive Deals with Top Brands

  • We have exclusive deals on hundreds of top brands from Apple to Nike to Verizon and Walmart
  • Deals with these top brands are better than what you will find on their own website or the world's largest e-commerce sites

Depth of Offering

  • Get up to 60% off on hotels, 52% off on clothing & shoes, 51% off on major appliances, 39% off on movie tickets & much more!
  • Find offers in over 20 categories with 100+ sub-categories to cover your every need

Widest Range of Categories

  • Find 2X more brands on BenefitHub in the US than our nearest competitor
  • Get up to 3-X to 7X more options on our Discount Marketplace vs. other key competitors

Stack and Save Capability

  • Extra savings are achieved by combining a negotiated discount with cashback and discounted gift cards!

Local Deals

  • With over 250,000 local deals, we have 4X more local deals than our nearest competitor
  • Our local deals typically have up to 3X to 10X more offers thanvs. other key competitors

Cash Back

  • In addition to the discounts offered, users can earn an additional 3% - 20% cashback on over 70% of our brands!

Gift Card Outlet

  • Users can get even further discounts on over 100 top brands with our discounted Gift Cards

Deal of the Day

  • Limited time, special offers with deep discounts


  • Users can favorite any brand, offer, or content within the employee discount program

Scalable Solution

Learn how we match your scaling business

Global Solution

  • Available in 15 countries
  • One platform, one agreement, one InfoSec
  • Supports international currencies
  • Supports employees travelling internationally

Local feel

  • Localized deals for each country
  • The entire program translated locally plus 108 supported languages
  • Localized communications to drive usage
  • Compliant with all local data, privacy & other laws

Fully Configurable

  • White-label & custom branding
  • Theming and skinning based on your brand guidelines
  • Selective roll-out capabilities – full-time employees, part-time, alumni or others

Advanced platform security, accessibility & privacy features

  • We are proud to be certified by leading industry bodies to cover SOC2, HITRUST, GDPR, WCAG /ADA & CCPA standards

User-Friendly Site

We’re all about our users

User Suggestions and Feedback

  • Users may suggest national or local merchants/brands
  • Users can request platform enhancements
  • Users can give feedback via frequent surveys

Invite & Share

  • Users can invite friends and family
    (this feature is optional at client discretion)

Intelligent Search

  • Streamline your shopping experience with personalized search results driven by our Azure-based platform with AI and ML capabilities.

Built-in User Communication

  • Alert Messages to appear at the top of the Home Page
  • Custom Home Page Banner Image and message for users
  • Access to Online & Printable Communication Suite
  • Support to drive engagement with member Newsletter

Admin Controls & User Management

Customize and manage your discount site

Comprehensive User Management

  • Create & manage Employee profiles, add or remove other administrators
  • Bulk import users
  • Multiple methods of registration and sign-in are supported
  • Choose from SSO, Census, Referral Code & Guest mode

Vendor & Offer Management

  • Create and Host custom offers for all or part of your population
  • Feature your own products and solutions in an exclusive offer section
  • Block select brands and/or categories based on your business

Actionable Business Intelligence

Advanced Data & Reporting Suite

  • Get actionable business intelligence and real insights into what your people are interested in
  • 24/7 access to an online reporting suite
  • Track Registrations, Participation rate, Visits, Engagement rate, Offers clicked, Vendor & Category performance & much more!
  • Get Graphical reports with supporting data tables
  • Available to export into Excel with one click or as Microsoft Power BI access

Mobile & Other Devices

Make the most of BenefitHub, wherever you are


  • Enjoy our experience across personal and work devices – we are optimized for mobile viewing

Available on both the iOS and Google Play stores

  • Get the BenefitHub mobile app on both the iOS and Google Play stores


  • With our Chrome Browser Extension users can access our discounts whenever they shop online at their favorite sites

Integration Capabilities

In addition to various login methods, we support SSO through the SAML 2.0 framework

Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows people to access applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security policies. It integrates directly with an organization’s existing directories and identity systems, as well as 4,000+ applications.

Google offers pre-integrated SSO with over 200 popular cloud applications. Single sign-on (SSO) lets users sign in to all their enterprise cloud applications using their managed Google account credentials.

Microsoft Azure is a portfolio of cloud computing solutions that may be used independently, or together as a broader cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure is designed to serve IT administrators and development teams, and offers container, load balancing, VPC, and hybrid storage solutions in addition to core cloud computing services.

The Auth0 Identity Platform, an independent product unit within Okta, takes a modern approach to identity and enables organizations to provide secure access to any application, for any user. Auth0 is a highly customizable platform that is as simple as development teams want, and as flexible as they need.

OneLogin simplifies identity management with secure, one-click access, for employees, customers and partners, through all device types, to all enterprise cloud and on-premises applications. OneLogin eliminates the need for lengthy integration and provisioning projects, manual de-provisioning, protracted on- and off-boarding processes, username and password etc.

Ping Identity builds identity security for the global enterprise with an intelligent identity platform that offers comprehensive capabilities including single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), directory and more. S), containerized software and more...

See What Our Clients Say About Us

Our favorite thing about BenefitHub is the flexibility that it provides our employees. We have seen a recent uptick in employee engagement with the introduction of BenefitHub ... and ultimately happier employees as a result.

Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (9)

Kevin K.

HR Manager, Healthcare Company

BenefitHub is a great upsell opportunity for our clients. We love the design of BenefitHub and that this provides our clients with a one-stop-shop for all their benefits.

Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (10)

Nicole P.

Senior Benefits Consultant, Insurance Broker Company

We believe that anything we can do to make our employees lives easier is going to help them holistically. BenefitHub is a benefits portal that is super easy and provides our employees with a one-stop-shop for discounts and rewards.

Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (11)

Karen H.

Corporate Well-Being Manager Defense Contractor

Launch Your Employee Discount Program Today!

Request your BenefitHub now

Employee Discount Programs & Marketplace | BenefitHub (2024)


What are the best discounts for UPS employees? ›

On average, a UPS employee can save over $4,900 per year! Some of the most popular offers include savings of up to 50 percent off hotels, up to 40 percent off movie theater and other entertainment tickets, savings on car and home insurance and savings of an average of $3,383 off MSRP on a new car.

How does employee discount work? ›

Employee discounts refer to the discount given on the original price of the goods or services by the company to their employees. Generally an employee discount is given as one of the fringe benefits.

Why might a company offer discounts to its employees? ›

The advantages of offering a work discount program extend beyond helping staff save some cash; access to these deals is an integral part of an employer's total rewards strategy and can help them increase employee satisfaction and retention.

How much of a discount do free people employees get? ›

Discount is 40% off at all urbn companies and 5 60% offs per month for your store. Only downside is the low pay.

What companies give discounts to USPS employees? ›

The card is for Postal ServiceTM employees and their families, has no annual fee, and comes with a 0% APR for 6 months. Wireless Services: The USPS® discount is your discount. USPS gets wireless discounts from AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, and Verizon. So can you.

How to get employee discount UPS? ›

The UPS Employee Shipping Promotion can be accessed by login into UPSers.com (www.upsers.com). Located in the Employee Discount section, you will find the link that takes you to your sign-up process to get you setup and start saving. Is the sign-up process quick and easy? Yes.

Is there a limit for employee discounts? ›

The amount of a qualified employee discount is limited to the employer's gross profit percentage (in the case of qualified property) or 20 percent of the selling price (in the case of a qualified service).

How much is the McDonalds employee discount? ›

Get 30% off your orders at participating McDonald's restaurants nationwide! Whether you're at your local McDonald's or taking a road trip, you can get 30% off your McDonald's meal orders with the National Employee Discount.

Do employee discounts get taxed? ›

Again, employee discounts are taxable if they exceed the IRS limits. Discount amounts in excess of the IRS limits are subject to income, Social Security, Medicare, and FUTA taxes.

What is the employee discount model? ›

How do employee discount programs work? Employee discount programs typically involve partnerships between employers and external businesses. Employees receive special codes, cards, or access to online platforms where they can redeem discounts on products or services offered by participating companies.

What is an example of a qualified employee discount? ›

Example: Your standard price for service B to regular customers is $100. You provide your employee with a 20% discount for service B, causing the employee to pay $80. If the discount for services exceeds 20%, then you will need to determine the portion that is taxable to the employee.

What are three reasons why a company would offer a trade discount? ›

Let's take a look at some of the key advantages.
  • Price Differentiation. Publishing a price list and then offering trade discounts is an effective way to market your products to a range of different customer types. ...
  • Commercial Secrecy. ...
  • Customer Loyalty. ...
  • Increased Revenue from Trade Discounts. ...
  • Greater Flexibility.
Aug 10, 2017

What is an example of an employee discount? ›

An example of an employee discount policy is one where a company offers its employees up to 20% off on its products and services. This discount extends to full-time, part-time, and temporary employees and their immediate family members.

Can you give employee discount to friends? ›

Asking your friend to purchase an item with her employee discount could put her in an awkward position and might jeopardize her job,” said Arden Clise, business etiquette and customer service trainer at Clise Etiquette. “Some companies have a strict policy that their discount is only for employees.

What is the employee discount at World Market? ›

Employer Summary

Enjoy up to 30% off General Merchandise, 20% off Food, and 10% off Wine.

How do I get a discount rate on UPS? ›

How can I obtain UPS shipping discounts?
  1. Open a UPS account. ...
  2. Work with a fulfillment service. ...
  3. Negotiate a better rate. ...
  4. Save even more with the right shipping software. ...
  5. How to access USPS commercial discounts.
Jun 19, 2023

Do I get a discount on shipping if I work for UPS? ›

All current and retired permanent UPS employees with access to UPSers.com, including union employees, located in the 50 U.S. states are eligible to participate in the Employee Discount program. Employees in Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories are not eligible to participate in the program.

What are the benefits of a UPS worker? ›

Full-time delivery drivers earn an average total compensation package of $145,000 per year, which includes $0 healthcare premiums, up to seven weeks of paid vacation, plus an average of 18 days off for holidays, sick leave and option days. UPS also contributes to a defined-benefit pension plan for each employee.

Do UPS employees get a discount on stock? ›

We also maintain an employee stock purchase plan which allows eligible employees to purchase shares of UPS class A common stock at a discount. Additionally, our matching contributions to our primary employee defined contribution savings plan are made in shares of UPS class A common stock.


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