Angel Card Readings — The Angel Code (2024)

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The Angel Code

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The Angel Code

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Angel Card Readings — The Angel Code (1)

Connect with the angels to receive messages of hope, healing, and inspiration to gain clarity and confidence in your life.

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What is an Angel Card Reading?

I use the angel cards as a tool to connect with the angels to give you your personal messages. Angel messages are always kind, loving, encouraging, and inspirational The angels are always available to everyone to offer guidance, support, and comfort. All you have to do is to have the desire and intention to connect with them. Learning from their perspective can be a source of healing and inspiration. They can help us with any area of life so we can understand how to live to our fullest potential. The messages can relate to any area of life including family, health, career, creativity, play & fun, and romantic relationships. These messages focus on what you need to hear now on your spiritual and personal journey.

Possible benefits of receiving an angel card reading:

  • Gives you clarity and guidance on all areas of life to help you manifest your wishes.

  • Empowers you to take action true to you.

  • Helps you see your potential.

  • Helps you see how your past affected your present for healing.

  • Gives you a spiritual perspective from the angels about a situation.

  • Helps guide you on how to move through life with more grace and ease.

  • Helps bring the highest good in your life.

What to expect during an Angel Card Reading session?

The 45-min session offers a full picture of your current situations.

The flow of the session usually follows the steps below:

  1. I intuitively choose cards from any 12 different angel card decks, so the cards and messages are specific to you. I lay out the cards to do a spread helps you to understand your current situations from the perspective from the angels and to offer guidance for the future.

  2. We’ll go through the cards of the spread, and I will tell you about any themes or patterns that I notice. One area of life is usually reflective of other areas, so the full spread allows you to see the whole picture. The messages offer healing and hope and often come with specific guidance so you can live out your potential.

  3. I will tell you any specific guidance I receive from the angels.

  4. You will have a couple of minutes at the end to ask any clarifying questions or to ask a question that wasn’t already answered from the spread. Even though you may have specific questions, it’s best to come to a session with an open mind to what the angels have to say.

The 15-min or 30-min sessions offer quick messages that are most important to you.

The flow of the session usually follows the steps below:

  1. I intuitively choose cards from 12 different decks of angel cards. I will describe the messages I receive that relate to the different areas of life.

  2. We will then go through any questions you may have on the spread or any other questions if time permits.

Please keep in mind that prior to booking a session:

  • No voice or video recording allowed.

  • Taking notes is encouraged.

  • No refunds.

  • Please read the complete


1 on 1 Session for Angel Card Reading (15-min): $60 (phone or Zoom)

1 on 1 Session for Angel Card Reading (30-min): $120 (phone or Zoom)

1 on 1 Session for Angel Card Reading (45-min): $180 (phone or Zoom)

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Want to start creating a life that is aligned with your unique divine self? Gain clarity and guidance by booking a session. You deserve a life full of love, joy, and happiness.

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What People Are Saying

“I had an incredible (20) card reading with Kat. Since my reading, I have integrated her insights into my daily life. Doing so has manifested inspiration, support, and happiness into my life. If you are seeking tangible insight, loving words, and helpful encouragement, book a session with Kat now!”

— Madeline S.

“I received an Angel Card reading from Kat she was so accurate. She is very intuitive and compassionate while delivering the messages and guidance. I felt comfortable with her immediately. She is truly gifted.”

— Darlene S.

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Angel Card Readings — The Angel Code (2024)


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